dummy.cafe, as it previously existed, has shut down

by "as it previosly existed", we mean, the mastodon and matrix instances are no longer active.

the matrix instance has been fully shut down, and the mastodon instance has stopped federating (but is still accessible to users with an account*, as an archive)

this was previously announced on the 1st of may, 2023, and effectuated early on the 27th of july, 2023, as everyone had already migrated to a different instance.

if you need anything, i.e. some data that we may have, feel free to reach out through email at [email protected] — we may be able to help out.

thanks for sticking around!

— dummy.cafe administration; 9th of september, 2023

*we're working on a better solution that would allow non-logged-in users to see the archives